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Carving Consortium communication is currently taking place at The Carving Consortium Forum. The Yahoo CarvingConsortium list has been closed.

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The CarvingConsortium Listserv

has been active since January '97. The Carving Consortium was the outgrowth of an online group of 28 dedicated eraser carvers who communicated by sending e-mail messages to one another through an online mailing list.

January 2002 a change was made to replace the verbage of "Eraser Carving" to "Soft Block Carving and Printing". Historically, many of our members' first carving experiences were with erasers. As a natural progression with their art, many have incorporated the use of larger blocks of soft carving materials which enable the creation of larger images. The descriptive words now express that artistic change.

The Carving Consortium is an international group. Members of the Carving Consortium represent the full spectrum, from beginner to the advanced soft block carver.

If you are new to our group please click here for an eraser carving description.

The CarvingConsortium list is currently a restricted list. It is private yet open to anyone who respectfully refers to our guidelines and restrictions, and will provide their street address by e-mail to Linda.

The Carving Consortium is an intentional group.
Although the members may not be aware of this, the decisions for the group are based on specific intentions and purposes. As we grow this continues to be of primary importance. In the time ahead, I may be giving this added attention with our members and asking for specific feedback. It is time that our members begin developing an understanding of the foundation of our group and what is consistent and what is inconsistent regarding our plan for growth.

To learn more about our guidelines and restrictions, please click on the "Guidelines", and "Swap Guide" links on the left.

Linda Berman

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Image Displays

The Carving Consortium's International Treasury of Eraser Carved Images

The Carving Consortium Forum is where we share our information - see you there!


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