The Carving Consortium

Open Swaps

The Master Swap List and Closed Swap Lists (Swaps in Progress) are maintained by

Stephanie Chao-

Stephanie posts the Master Swap List to the CC list, usually on Mondays.
You may check the Archives for the lastest one) or email Stephanie for current swap information.

Swap Host/Hostess please inform Stephanie if your swap is no longer open for new participants or if you have a new swap for the CC Swap List. Thanks!

Please be aware that our intention is for all swaps to be successful for everyone. Sometimes swaps fail, are delayed, are lost in the mail, etc. Please take it into consideration that there are no guarantees and that you enter at your own risk.

Ongoing Projects:

Trading Card Exchange; to sign up, email Tom Tadfore Little,
The trading card club works like the Monthly Carving Groups (Carve Mensis), except participants exchange two trading cards (either half-postcard size or baseball-card size) (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch or 2 3/4 x 4 1/4 inch) with hand-stamped images once a month for four months. Each group has 4 or 5 participants, so each participants makes 3 or 4 pairs of cards each time. New groups begin in January, May and September.

OneStampWonders: Hostess: Bev Dittberner

Check out the wonderful OSW cards that are rolling in:

One Stamp Wonder (OSW); a quarterly swap for soft block carvers through the

Costs; Just postage to mail items each Month.

This is structured the same way the Carve Mensis group is, i.e. mail ONE item to EACH person in your group each month. The challenge is to use the same carving but in a different way each month. In other words you will use one hand carved stamp as the focus of all 4 months. You may additionally use other stamps or artistic mediums. You may choose anything you can stamp on to swap but postcards are commonly used.

Aim to get your stamped piece in the mail by the third week. We all
watch our mailboxes eagerly for your piece. I would like to recommend
adding a few words about your piece each month. That might be something about the inks, papers, embossing powder or perhaps what inspired the piece such as a poem, trip, or conversation.

Sign up dates for OSW are listed on the CC Projects list.
Each cycle is a new swap group, so to continue you need to sign up each 4

Carve Mensis; to sign up, email Daena at
A monthly carving group is a group of 4 to 6 carvers who, once a month, exchange mailart. Each month for four months, each carver in the group sends every other carver in the group one item stamped with at least one hand-carved stamp. In a group of five carvers, each person in the group sends out 4 items and receive four items. Each carver is on his/her honor to mail each person something each month for the four month period. Carvers are grouped according to the order they sign up. These groups are open to ALL levels of carvers. Enough groups will be formed so that each person is in a group.

Raplica - This group is by invitation only and must be proposed by current members. For additional information on this project contact Anne Taylor,

RAK & RAA CC List Information -

RAK - Random Act of Kindness

RAA - Random Act of Art

More Definitions

A RAK or RAA is mail sent as a complete surprise to someone, without any expectation of anything to be received in return. We all make a few extra prints and cards now and again, and we thought it would be a great idea if a list of addresses was available of Carving Consortium members who would appreciate some artwork to liven up their mailbox. This list is maintained by Nancy Douglas.

There is no obligation at all to send any RAKs if you are on the RAK list, this is no official swap, this is just a service for Carving Consortium members who want to send art to people who they know will appreciate it.

If you would like to participate, please e-mail Nancy with your snail-mail details. The list is updated every two months, when it will be sent out to all RAK list members. However, you can put your name on the list at any time, and it will be received by all those who ask for a copy of the list between updates. The list will also be available to those who want to send RAKs, but who would prefer not to be on the list. Just send Nancy an e-mail if this is the case and she will send the list out to you.

This service is for Carving Consortium members only. You can leave the RAK list whenever you wish, just e-mail Nancy to let her know.

CC Road RAK's:
When you're away from home and want to keep in touch with our group by sending a carved image, a postcard... or whatever; send it to Darcy Philips. Please email her and request her mailing address; Darcy is our Road Rak Travel Agent and she will upload your postcard to the Road Rak website and announce it to our CC list so we can all keep in touch. You can view Road Rak's here:

The Carving Consoritum RAK Policy:
The Carving Consortium RAK policy respects our members and their art. The RAK sender must grant permission before the RAK may be published in any form or displayed at a website. This encourages the free flow of RAK mailings.

If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail Nancy.

Your comments are always welcome: