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The Convention meeting in Greenville was a success! Again I want to extend my thanks to the members who did so much to make the most out of a difficult situation after the 9/11 attack and also to Amy of Auntie Amy Stamps! who make so much possible for our group at the UN-Conventional Rubber Stamp Convention. It was great to meet and greet members and see what our members could do as a team. We're really pretty fantastic!

Karen McDermott- Events Keeper (planner of meetings),

Karen McDermott has been active in assisting our group with convention plans as our events keeper. Much of the work and planning she has done has been behind the scenes and is unknown to the members.

Please contact Karen with information about possible plans for future meetings of Carving Consortium members; mostly larger in scope.


Beverly Dittberner- Keeper of the Meetings (data about meetings),

Beverly Dittberner is the Keeper of the Meetings, (data list) she maintains a list of the information about past and upcoming events, locations, dates, etc. Please contact her with your factual information about gatherings of our members.

Please contact Beverly with the facts of meetings of Carving Consortium members no matter how few in numbers.

CCMeetings List:

I've changed the settings of the CCC2001 list. The new list is called "CCMeetings". The title now reflects our new intention, to focus on upcoming CC meetings. It's also a Yahoo list. All of the members who were subscribed to the CCC2001 list are now members of CCMeetings. Please change your computer email address for the new list.

To post your message to the list send your email to this address below:

Post message:

To do the following actions send blank email to:



The Carving Consortium guidelines and rules apply to the CCMeetings list.

Please limit the CC Meetings list to communications about CC upcoming meetings and plans. Please do not post CC meetings and planning
communications to the regular CC list.



Let's get busy and fill this up again!






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Our CC Convention Team