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The Carving Consoritum FAQ

Note: We are in transition from the CarvingConsortium Yahoo listserv to the Carving Consortium web based Forum.

What is:
1. The Carving Consortium (the CC),
2. the CarvingConsortium (Yahoo listserv),
3. the Carving Consortium Forum?

1. The Carving Consortium is the name of a group of soft block carvers and printers who communicate with each other and share their messages and their art.
2. The CarvingConsortium is the name of our group using the Yahoo list(serv) a service which allows us to easily send an email message to all (close to 500) members and receive (with your regular email) all the email messages that other members send to the list.
3. The Carving Consortium Forum is a web-based activity for sharing communication with other group members; generally with group members who share a common interest. The new website for this purpose hasn't been set up yet, so there is no URL address to provide as of 9/18/02. Plans are in process to transfer our group communications from the CarvingConsortium to the Carving Consortium Forum. Progress and additional information will be forthcoming in CarvingConsortium list messages.

May I join the Carving Consortium: what are the requirements to join?
You may join if you have an email address and send your name and street address to Linda Berman:
Information about registration to the Carving Consortium Forum will be sent to you by return email.
Members include men, women and children and even a few couples. Children may join but must have an adult member oversee their swap commitments.

Why is there a requirement to provide my street address?
The Carving Consortium Forum is a restricted forum. Providing your street address shows us that you are serious and it allows us an alternative way to reach you to reconfirm a swap commitment, etc. A post office box address is fine. Addresses are not shared for advertising purposes. This requirement minimalizes spam and helps make your CC experience more enjoyable.

How do I join the Carving Consortium?
Send an email with your name, street address and the email address you plan to use to:, additional information will be provided.

What will it cost?
Membership and participation is free.
There is no requirement to make a donation to our group. Donations help us pay for the removal of advertisements at the CC forum and they help other minor operating expenses. If you get value from our group you may want to consider a small donation. Members donations make lots of things work - the donations help grease the wheels and keep things spinning. I appreciate all donations. If you would like to make a donation, email Linda at for her street address.

How big is the CarvingConsortium list, how many members?
The numbers of members change from day to day; March - Sept 2002: 480-500 members.

What can I expect regarding the quantity of messages on the Carving Consortium Forum?
There is no email that comes directly to your email box from the Carving Consortium Forum.

What am I committed to?
By joining, you make a commitment to be part of our group and in doing so we ask for your participation. We encourage you to find ways to commit to being active with your art. If you make a commitment (of any kind), out of respect for yourself and the other artists - please live up to it. You're encouraged to learn at your own pace.

Can I join if I'm a beginner?
Yes! Please do!

I'm new to carving, are there online carving directions?

I need a little personal attention, is there a person who can help me begin?
The Carving Companions is a group of our members interested in giving some special attention to new members who request it. Send an email to: Trish Gerhardt at:

Now that I'm a CC member, I have questions about where to begin, where to step in, what direction I will take and how to get started.
Trish Johnston,, our Newbie Greeter will be emailing you usually within a week of your signup. Please send Trish an email with beginning questions.


I want to read the past messages from this group, I want to access the archives at the CarvingConsortium Yahoo list, how can I do that?
Send email to: Linda Berman

After I am approved, how can I access the archives?
Past messages can be accessed by CC members through Yahoo at the CarvingConsortium archive:


How do I find out more about carving products and tools?
For a list of Carving Products and other art products:

What list rules and guidelines do I need to know about? (these will be updated to take the new forum format into consideration)

Are there other lists associated with the Carving Consortium?
Yes, there are a few other lists for specialty CC activities. At a future point, a number of the following will be accessed at the CC Forum.
CCmeetings: a list where we communicate plans for Carving Consortium gatherings.
Carvonia-Myrth: a list for this fantasy project of the Carving Consortium, contact Janice Bryant about this sub-group,
How can I find out about Carving Consortium Events, Meetings, Conventions, etc?
Karen McDermott, is our Events Keeper. She can be reached at

What is the advertising policy? Can I advertise at the Carving Consortium Forum?

Is there a RAK list?
Yes, send Nancy Douglas an email to be placed on the RAK list or to request the current RAK list. This RAK list information is private information shared only with other RAK list members for the purpose of sharing art. The Carving Consortium RAK policy respects our members and their art. The RAK sender must grant permission before the RAK may be published in any form or displayed at a website. This encourages the free flow of RAK mailings. The RAK list is not used for advertising purposes.

How can I find out about CC swap information, who manages the swap list?
All CC swaps are open to any member to join; your participation is encouraged at any and every level of expertise. The Swap List, (MSL) and The Closed Swap List (CSL) will be updated by our SwapKeeper: Stephanie Chao, Currently, The Swap List and the Closed Swap list are sent to The Carving Consortium Forum on a weekly basis. They are also sent through the CarvingConsoritum Yahoo list.

Carving Consortium Projects: where can I find out information about CC activities other than swaps?
Projects announcements are available at the Carving Consortium Forum.

When I'm away from home and want to send carved art to our group, what's the easiest way?
Email Darcy Philips, in advance and request her mailing address. Darcy is our Road Rak Travel Agent, she will upload your postcard to the Road RAK website and announce it so we can all keep in touch. You can view Road RAK's at

Where can I find out about the One Stamp Wonder (OSW) swaps?
For additional information read about it here and view the images here: or email the One Swap Wonder hostess: Bev Dittberner,

What are some other ongoing CC projects and activities?

Carve Mensis: Heather Hackman,
One Stamp Wonder: Bev Dittberner,;
Road RAK: Darcy Philips, Travel Agent;
Artfully Carved: Trish Johnston & Linda Berman;
Trading Cards: Tom Tadfore Little;

Where can I find out more information about books on carving and creativity?
Send email to Karen McDermott,; also,

Where can I see members carved images?
The ITECI website:
Also: fantasy swaps displayed at Carvonia-Myrth:
Also: at CC members websites:
Also: Links at Dean's Site:


revision date: 10/4/03


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