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The CarvingConsortium list members can place their CC: ADV ads on the list (infrequently). However, I want this list to be independent of paid advertising sponsor(s). Since we've switched to the new CarvingConsortium Listserv, I no longer have concerns regarding the number of people on the list. I'm increasingly grateful for what the Onelist allows us to do.

Yes, a lot of this I do just because I want to. I want to keep this easy and fun - without obligation. I would like you to understand that this service is like a gift to you. I encourage you to use it and make the most of it. I request that you adhere to the restrictions. There are many guidelines offered at this website so you can join in and find your level of comfort. I recognize that you may find a better way. Most of all I want you to learn more about eraser carving and the creative process and enjoy yourself.

If you get value from the list I would like you to think about supporting it in a minor financial way with a gift of a donation. There is no obligation so there's no reason for concern.

Your comments are always welcome: