The Carving Consortium

Message Subject Lines: Headings & Abbreviations

CC: Yahoo now automatically puts "CC" in the subject line of every message post (sent) to the list.

CC ADM - Administration - information from the list manager, please read these. The information in these messages will help you know more about the list, how it functions and provide current list information. Please do not use ADM in your subject line.

Further description is helpful to many people on this listserv, please consider using these descriptors too:

CC: TTS - techniques, tools and supplies

CC: CALL - call for participation in a non-CC project

CC: ADV - advertisement (see advertising information)

CC: PUB - publication information

CC: SITE - information with a site address or web announcement

CC: TOTW - Topic of the Week - questions

CC: VOTE - Vote on a topic

(long) - in the subject line for long messages

Nancy Douglas: Keeper of the RAK list:

RAK - Random Act of Kindness

RAA - Random Act of Art

DAK - Deliberate Act of Kindness

DAOF - Deliberate Act of Fun


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