The Glickman's, Lieberman's & the Greenberg's

Eileen, Sarah, Linda



Our Family, the Sedar Table
Lieberman house in Litle Neck Parkway

Linda, Eileen
Joel Lieberman

Who is the other girl?
Uncle Ray's daughter Linda?
Cousin Enid, or Cousin Clair or Marsha?

Irwin, Ros, Richard
Joel, Eileen, Howard
Aunt Nettie pointing

Who is the boy on the left?

Grandma on the left, Linda, Joel, Eileen, Irwin, Richard, Ros,
and who is the boy on the right?

mostly New York

Linda & Eileen

Sarah's friends at Brighton Beach, NY about 1946
Glady's, Aunt Nettie Lieberman, Minnie (another friend) and Sarah Glickman holding Linda.
The girl standing is Glady's child or Eileen. - unsure

Uncle Al / Ray