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Texture Technique #3684


Basic Speedball Handle or other implement:and #1 gouge:


Metal paper clips, assorted sizes

Scrap pieces of eraser for experimentation.

Inkpad, preferrably dye ink.

Scrap paper.

Steps 1. Using your handle and #1 gouge, insert the gouge into the carving material as if you were going to carve out a straight line.

Step 2. As you move the gouge forward carving through the eraser, rotate the handle left and right, back and forth.

3. Try it with different amounts of pressure. In the image below the flames at the top are carved with more pressure than the texture along the right lower inner edge of the planet or the top left inner edge of the planet.

4. Insert/jab the end of the metal paper clip into the eraser to create more texture.

5. Below see example of textures that are created using simple tools and a little experimentation. Have fun!

Examples of Texture from our CC Carvers

by Susan Baechle

by Nancy Douglas

Nancy used a drawing compass of this type but more like a school compass to add texture. She used it to create texture in the inner part of the Morgan emblem, to give a hammered effect, and to create all the nailheads on the Edison's tarpaper studio. A light pricking makes small holes and deeper pressure makes larger ones, as the diameter increases.

by Kirsten Krause

For the different textures I used a two needle tool from my
Pergamano kit for the pin stripes and an ordinary dressmakers pin for the tiny dots on the flute bag. Otherwise I only used my #1 groove.

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