Hi Carvers,

    I hope you've enjoyed reviewing the contents of this website. More than that, I hope you are having fun with the CC listserv.

    One of these days I hope to get around to finishing this website; however I suspect it's a work in progress.

    To each of you, thanks for the many ways you share your talents, your ideas, and your artwork. In addition thanks for inspiring me by living your commitment to the arts.

Carve Diem,



Click here for pictures of me with my family who are supportive in so many ways
and although rarely spoken about these people add richness into my life and
help make my activities possible.


This list continues to provide you many activities and ways to share your art. It takes a lot of work from a lot of people to make that happen. Every way that you volunteer your time and effort helps to keep our group prospering. Thanks to each of you who add something to our group. I'm always surprised about what people will do out of the goodness of their hearts.

Even though there are many other important things in my life, the Carving Consortium has become one of my priorities, and my primary function is to keep the list working and things flowing. I've set up a structure to support those intentions. However, it takes more than my intentions to keep this list going.

There are many little and some big things that only I can do for the group. Maintaining the list, the members addresses and the website are just a few. I don't mind giving my time and energy. Recently, I've had to stop doing certain time-consuming tasks to make sure that the most important things get done. I can do lots of things, however, I'd like some assistance with some of the expenses that keep things running. I know that I will begin to feel burned out if I keep putting my money in along with my time. As the list and membership grow there is more to do. That's why I feel that it's the concern of the list members to pitch in with a donation. The expenses aren't big, and in the past there have been donations and projects that help cover my CC related telephone calls and other minor expenses.

Periodically, I ask that you donate a dollar or two to keep things flowing smoothly. If everyone did that once a year or once every few years it would provide a sense of ease among the work that I do for the Carving Consortium.

If you prefer that we find ways to fund the CC expenses, please send me email with an idea of how we may do that.

This may be the perfect time to send a donation. Thank you for all you do~!


Linda Berman

9320 Huntcliff Trace

Atlanta, GA 30350-1607