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All messages about eraser carving and the creative process are encouraged.

Carving related commercial/advertisement messages are allowed.

Message NOT's:

Please do not post messages meant for one person; if it's meant for one person please make it a private message. This includes "me too messages and thank you's". There is now a specific board at The CC Forum for your "Thank You's".

Please do not post off-topic (TANgent) messages. Please use your judgment, we want to know when important things happen in your life, like a flood; but we don't encourage messages that say "me too". There is now a specific board at The CC Forum for TAN messages.

Please do not post snailmail addresses and/or phone numbers (other than your own) to the list.

Please do not send test messages to the list. There is now a specific board at The CC Forum for you to test and see if your messages are functioning properly.

Please post swap updates directly to the participants once the swap is full.

If you are dissatisfied with a vendor or advertiser for any reason please care for that issue in private e-mail.

Please Think before Cross Posting. Cross Posting: defined as: in a single post one message is sent to more than one list address. Cross Posting is discouraged. If you feel you want to do it anyway, please use the email feature called "BCC" if it is available to you. BBC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. When you send message with one of the receivers in BBC mode, they can't see the other addresses that the message has been sent to. This eliminates confusion and potential problems.


The following text was created to be useful with the Yahoo list. Since things are different at the forum, please use your judgment regarding what applies to your forum messages.

Guidelines for Replying to a Message:

Use caution in posting your personal address or telephone number, etc.

Please do not post attachments in your list mail. Now any attachments sent to the list will be stripped.


Please share, post your carved images at The CC Forum!


Do not post Copyright related messages to the CC list:

Copyright Links

See the "Guidelines" page referring to the posting of information on the following topics. When the following type of topics arise a single message to the listserv referring to this web page or these sites will help us keep our focus on carving:

The Copyright Website:

U.S. Library of Congress / US Copyright Office:

Crash Course in Copyright:

Fair Use by Negativland:

Marco Alpert a CC member helps us out with this message:
Feel free to use anything from it that you might consider useful.

Do not post Virus related messages to the CC list:

Computer Viruses Myths:

Symantec Anti Virus Research Center:

Virus Encyclopedia

Network Associates Virus Hoax List:
It is my understanding that you cannot get a computer virus from an email message; the exception is Internet Explorer.


Do not post Spam or related messages to the CC list:


Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility anti-spam page:

Anti-spam resource list:


Responsible sites:

FTC ScamSpam:

Spam-L FAQ:

SpamCop - sends an email complaint on your behalf to the spammer's network administrator:

Spam Abuse Complaints:
To file a complaint it may be helpful to forward an email of the spam to abuse at that particular server. The address you would use may look something like this with the proper domain replacing the x's:

Report It: Send suspect email to the Federal Trade Commission at

* To respond to a spam message and ask to be removed from their mailing list shows them that you are recieving the email and often encourages them to send more. Please do not respond to spam messages. Do not open the spam message while you're online, this sometimes sends a message back to the spammer that you have opened your mail.

How do you know if it's Spam?
If you didn't request the message it's likely to be spam.
If it has XX's in the email address or the heading it's likely to be spam.
If it has a blank subject line it's likely to be spam.
All appropriate CC advertisements will have "CC: ADV" at the beginning of the subject line. You are encouraged to read these.
If it has ADV in the subject line and no "CC:" it's likely to be spam.

What to do about Spam?

Don't open email that you suspect is Spam.
Do not reply to Spam messages.
Delete suspicious email. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.

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