The Carving Consortium

New Members - How to Begin Carving

Carving Stamps by Julie Hagan Bloch; ISBN 1 - 882817 - 05 - 2

Make a Stamp:

The Hand Carved Stamp Booklet - Linda Brennan, special price to CC members,

How to Carve Erasers into Rubber Stamps by Rusty Clark

Ruud Janssen's Eraser Carving Information from 1993

How to Make a Rubber Stamp - Der Mad Stamper

Dremel Multi-Pro Carving Instructions: by Mary Jane Hopper

How to Carve your Own Stamp: by Lynette Wagner

Ruthann Zaroff's How-To Page

How to Create Carveable Images Using Photo Editing Software by Lynn Gary

The Tampa Bay Eraser Carving Club:

Eraser Carving by Elaine Normandy:

Fran's Rubber Carving, Carve Your Own Rubber Stamps:
Contains some carving product comparisons, etc.

Carving 101 Tutorial by Kristi Schuler:

Prepping Photos for Carving Using Adobe Photoshop 6.0: Details about class to be held.

Stamp Carving with Raven: class in text format;

Carving for the Absolute Beginner Class - Raven

Artists of the Round Table - Carving

Tips from the editor of Eraser Carver's Quarterly


Carving Tutorials - Specific Techniques

Carving Stamps Using a Dremel Tool

Photo Carving Tutorial: for converting photos for carving.

Create Unique Stamps from Photos - Speedy Stamp (Speedball):

Advanced Technique: 5-Stage Reduction Print - Dean Bandes, then Lake Sevan Church example;

Art+Design, Etching the Linoleum Block Printing Plate, Printmaking Technical Information:

Nasco Safety-Kut Tutorial:

Stampeaz's: Free Eraser Carving Directions:


Xylene transfers work on some carving materials, but take care - the odors can be noxious.

Acetone Transfers also work on some carving materials. I have found nail polish remover in a pure form that includes acetone works well.

Heat Transers, with an iron work well with certain photocopies; however, some use different kinds of toner that don't work well.

Here's more on Transfers:

Newbie Questions Answered:

If you have newbie questions that aren't answered at this CC website, please send your e-mail message to the Carving Consortium listserv or e-mail Linda (below) and she'll be glad to do it for you.


Carving Companions:

If you are new, or even not so new to the CC list and carving, but have
questions and would like a buddy to talk to on a more personal level, send
Trish Gerhardt a private email with the following information in the BODY of your message:

Diana will match you up with another carver who can guide you through some of the ins and outs of the CC list, website and carving in general.

And to all of the more experienced CC members - Diana is still adding to the list of willing mentors, so if you think you'd like to assist a new carver, send Diana the same info as above and she'll get you matched as soon as she can!

Your comments are always welcome: