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Soft Block Carving Blocks
Soft Block Carving Tools

The following list of soft block carving products cover a broad spectrum of products, various kinds and qualities are represented. This list is not an endorsement of any of these products.

A Carving Material Price List comparison by Dave Broadhurst.

Soft Block Carving - Blocks

PZ Kut, April Pease; StaedtlerMars Grand erasers, acrylic blocks, - April sells to the UK.

Safety-Kut - 3/8" thick.
Daniel Smith - 1-800-426-6740 or e-mail
Nasco - free catalog (1-800- 558-9595)
order online:
the SafetyKut catalog page:
also see Artist-Craftsman Supply for 6 x 9 sheets maybe at the best price.Artist & Craftsman Supply,; 1-800-876-8076

Softoleum from Nasco , is the same as Safety-Cut, only thinner, ask for free catalog (1-800- 558-9595) 901 Janesville Ave., Ft. Atkinson, WI 53538, 1-800-558-9595 or

Staedtler (MarsCarve-which may not have been produced or) Mastercarve: 1-800-776-5544; 3 sizes: 2 1/2" x 5" x 3/4", 4" x 4" x 1/2" and 4" x 6" x 3/4", [1.5x1.5" squares - 27 to pkg]; 9x12 Duall 1-877-583-9158; or see Dick Blick 1-800-447-8192

MasterCarve also available in two sizes from SaxArts; 2405 S. Calhoun Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151;; 1-800-558-6696;

MasterCarve from Nasco ask for their free catalog (1-800- 558-9595)

John Neal Bookseller, 1833 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro, N.C. 27403 catalogue, mostly of items relating to calligraphy. Easy-Cut 4x6 (see below), Staedtler-Mars Grand Erasers and unknown white plastic eraser. They also sell Julie Bloch's book on eraser carving. 1-800-369-9598.;

Design 2000 by Sanford; Alicia's Art & Craft Supply, 20 Commerce St., Flemington, NJ 08822; 908-788-8845, tell them Phreadde (a CC member) sent you.

Glastar (Sandblasting division - for rubber resist) there's a resist Buttercut (possibly from another source). 1-800-423-5635;

Paddy's Stamping Place, 2b Church Lane, Prestwich, Manchester , Lancashire (UK) - 0161 7985115 ask for Engraving Rubber, Paddy Cosgriff,

The Stamp Connection in the UK, 14 Edith Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8SD, is prepared to sell Speedball carving materials if there is a demand, pink carving material, tel 01795 531860 / fax 01795 530704

Speedball (including some older and some newer products):

Speedball Art Products; SpeedyStamp (pink); Echoes; sold in sheets of 9x12" or 3x4" P.O. Box 5157, Statesville, NC 28687-5157, 1-800-898-7224;; 3x4; 4x6; 9x12. (see Art Supply Wholesale below); Speedball may no longer be selling direct, inquire for current information.

IRBS for Speedball products

Art Supply Wholesale; 4 Enon St. (Rt. 1A), No. Beverly, MA 01915; 1-800-462-2420; for Speedball Speedy Stamp blocks.

Dick Blick 1-800-447-8192; sells classroom pack of Mars Carve 1.5 inches square, 27 to the pkg.

SaxArts; 2405 S. Calhoun Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151;; 1-800-558-6696;

Max L. Cowen's Student Stores, Inc.: $100 Bill Erasers (in 12 eraser pkgs), 1-800-874-4004

Dollar Tree: check your local store, 1-757-321-5000; 4 plastic erasers... three that measure about 3/4 by 2 and one jumbo sized one that's a little over 1.5 by 3.25 inches.  There were white ones and red ones.

Smaller Eraser Products:

American Science and Surplus - call 1-800-934-0722 for catalog. $100 erasers - inexpensive about 1 x 2 1/2" size; 3605 Howard St., Skokie, IL 60076, $10 minimum.

Oriental Trading Co. - "For BIG Mistakes" big red rubber erasers; ; 1 3/4"x4" erasers at great prices, also others possibly 1 1/2 x 3" and thin imprinted with dollar bill; also Nerf Balls, free catalog through the web, 1-800-228-2269;

Magic Rub Erasers, by Eberhard-Faber, Office Depot, they're little in a blue box of 12. Black printing (no embossing) on one side. 1"x2.25", office white, soft and creamy. Test the immediately to be sure they aren't tough.

Factis Erasers - General Pencil Company, Inc., P.O. Box 5311, Redwood City, CA 94063, Office 650-369-4889, FAX 650-369-7169

Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser from Staples; white (2.5 x 15/16 x 1/2")

Encore - from Staples

"Essential" Stationery, blister card of 4 vinyl erasers. Two are approx. 3/4 x 1 1/2", the other two 2/3/89 x 3/16. Made in China Distributed by Midwestern Home Products. Inc. - MacFrugals

Staedtler Mars Grand erasers; see April Pease, John Neal Bookseller, or Nasco; smaller sizes might be found at Office Depot.

Yikes! erasers: Target, Walmart, K-Mart

Classgear - Neon Beveled Erasers, bubblepak of 3 erasers, Wal-Mart, approx. 3/4 inch by 2 inches., Mars Staedtler - same as Lumoplast Eraser, 3 1/6 x 11/2 x 9/16" They come ten to a box.

Cost Plus erasers in Australiaare are approx. 10cm x 4cm and are 1.8cm thick.

Dollar Tree: check your local store, 1-757-321-5000; Erasers 2"x1"x5/8" - eight pk. with printing on them, also Eraser Pals erasers, these are packages of 8 dice cudbes a little smaller than 3/4 inch square. There is also an assortment package. This has two heart shapes, two butterfly shapes, two round shapes and a five pointed star and an alien face shape.

US Toy, ; Grandview, MO, $100 bill erasers, 1" cubes, crayon-shaped erasers, 1-800-255-6124; many smaller erasers to choose from:

Rub Away's by Faber-Castell

Helix Professional Eraser; Aaron Bros. Art Mart. 1.25"x2.5"

Dick Blick 1-800-447-8192. Mastercarve: 1.5x1.5" squares - 27 to pkg


Some Older Products - ask about these products qualities, you may find other products suitable for your purposes.

SoftKut Block - Chaselle - 1- 888-388-3224
SoftKut Block - Artist-Craftsman Supply for 6 x 9 and 9.5"x11 blocks maybe at the best price. 1/4" thick, grey, very soft.; 1-800-876-8076

E-Z Cut, Chaselle EZCut material, Easy Cut: white 3/8" thick, 3x4, 4x6, 9x12 sizes. Utrect -; 800-270-4661,Utrecht Gray (UG) since some products aren't packaged with product names it can be hard to tell which is which.

EZCarve - see Dick Blick 1-800-447-8192

Safe&Easy Kut - (may be old name)
4x6- Item #1424663; 6x12- Item #1399002;
12x12- Item #1399005; 12x18- Item #1399008

Speedy Cut by Speedball (Speedball has some newer products - see above)


Alternative Products:

Blast Mask - this product used 'when people are making gravestones, unknown
Sand Blasting Stencil from Dick Blick; used on lucite slabs. This is a very thin sheet of rubber with adhesive on one side.

Vinyl Mats

Granite City Tool Co., #507 Green Rubber Stencil material by 3M sold by the roll and thin, adhesive on one side (around $50 minimum); 800-451-4570

Plumbers Gasket material, sold in your hardware store. The hardness and quality of this material varies.

Flexiplate, very thin, can be cut with shears, can be used to wrap brayers, etc.

Golden Cut Linoleum, Product # 40413-1000 in page 3 of 2002 catalog - Dick Blick 1-800-447-8192; >>before purchasing see CC archives for a review. 1/8" thick and is sold in packages of 12 pieces from sizes 2"x3" up to 8"x10", with larger sheets packaged in smaller quantities, also information on page 3 of the 2002 Dick Blick catalog.

balsa foam - carves easily and hardens up when you seal.


No Longer Available & Changes:

Uncle Walter's Carving Block no longer available.

MarsCarve will be named Mastercarve (a Speedball product)

Please report new eraser products you find to Linda so she can add them to this list.

Please be aware there are things to consider when you make your purchase: there are different kinds and qualities of eraser carving materials. Some are more crumbly than others, some are softer/harder than others, some hold sharp edges better than others, some have embossed printing on one side, some are thinner than others, some older products have been improved, and some are in different colors etc. If you have questions, ask before you buy.

Some items on this page are inferior products. Do your research, check the archives, ask in private emails or publicly on the CC list. Make your purchases - educated purchases.


Soft Block Carving - Tools

Above you'll find a variety of tools, some for carving, some for poking to create textures and others to be used for specific purposes. Top to bottom: two paper clips and a dry embossing tool to push holes into carving material, a white pen top which creates circles in two different sizes, a Speeball handle and #1 gouge, a Testor's knife (in black), a cuticle cutter (somewhat hidden), another Speedball handle with a #4 Speedball gouge, two McClains carving tools with pencil type handles, the smaller one is 1 m/m v tool, the Flexcut tool described below, a white punch type took (which is difficult to see on the background), a piece of copper tubing to create small holes, a triangular file witch punches a triangular shaped impression, an awl, an X-Acto X-2000 rubberised handle with a #11 blade, another knife handle with two #11 blades inserted. Use found tools that work for you, experiment and use your imagination. Then let us know what works for you.

Mike the Tool Guy,, he sells Two Cherries brand carving chisels. Toll Free 1-877-434-3951,;

Mountain Heritage Crafters: , 601 Quail Drive, Bluefield, VA 24605-9411; Dwight D. Moore, 1-800-643-0995 or (540) 322-5921; Flexcut Tool FR803 v-gouge micro carving tool, 1/16" Micro Palm V-tool. slipstrop. Flexcut Tools can be purchased in complete sets or single tools.

Dockyard Micro Carving Tools from Donna Kato at PrairieCraft; 3 sizes of the V-shapes (1.5, 2 and 3 mm) and 5 sizes of the U-shapes (1.5 to 5 mm) 800-779-0615;; for information email; new 1.25 mm 70 degree extra fine V gouge.

Micro-Mark - 1-800-225-1066

McClain's Printmaking Supplies - 1-800-832-4264
new owners Alex Prentiss (female) and Richard Gaunt; 15685 SW 166th Ave PMB 202, King City, OR 97224-2695; 503-524-9600 (fax & local) or 1-800-832-4264

Staedtler Gouges: sold in sets of 3 with the blade permanently attached to the handle.

Woodcraft catalog online 1-800-225-1153 for a paper catalog. Swiss tools; Dockyards, sharpener (small whie ceramic stone, etc.

Dremel: 1-800-437-3635
also, American Science and Suplus has some interesting carving burs.

MDI WoodCarvers Supply, Dockyard and other carving tools,

Lee Valley:; Lee Valley Block Cutters; Mirco Carving Tool Set; 1-800-267-8735, Canada 1-800-267-8761, Other Countries: 1-613-596-0350,; Ruthann's pages of tools purchased from Lee Valley.; In additon: You can get zinc or plastic turntable bearings inexpensively and attach one to your cigar box. Click on the Hardware tab, then click on Swivels and Bearings, and then select zinc or plastic.

Erie Power Tool Service · A Division of Woodcrafters' Supply; 866 19th Street, Altoona, PA 16601; (814)949-3611

Payless Drugstore, Jobar's Hobby Knife Set, 6 handles many blades shapes and sizes. Lightweight handles hold the blades well. Some blades as narrow as 1/8 inch.

Leather Plus, carving tools and sets

Mars-Staetdler, Mastercarve Carving Tools with permanent blades and soft rubber grips on plastic, pen-like handles. The three sizes in the set are a #1 V, a #2
V, and a #5 U gouge.


Lansky Fishhook sharpener, check your sporting goods store.

400 grit sandpaper at your hardware store


Molly Hawkins; Speedball Press

Speedball Press, P.O. Box 5157, Statesville, NC 28687-5157, 1-800-898-7224;

Harbor Freight Presses, tools similar to Dremel, etc.

Art Supplies Wholesale, Speedball table top printing press, item #4136 Model B Press - probably the best price. 4 Enon St., No. Beverly, MA 01915 1-800-462-2420


Clover Mini Iron for transfers. JoAnn's: and
Soft Expressions


Knives, Blades, etc.

Testor Knife, very sharp, at Michael's, Walmart or craft hobby store.

Tissue Blades, a nife which looks like a very long raxor blade, ultra thin in profile and extremely sharp, used for cutting carving material. Tissue blades are a medical tool - they're similar to NuBlades, but tissue blades are
thinner.Similar item sold at JoAnn's., Prairie Crafts -; also at Polymer Clay Express, in the tools section.


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