The Carving Consortium


Display of Images

To view the Carving Consortium members display of images:

Go to:
you're presented with a list of members images you can click on to view.

You may use Yahoo Files as a place to display your carved images. Please remember that the space available for this use is limited.

To learn more about submitting images for Yahoo files:

Go to:

When uploading files:

please use .jpeg; .jpg or .gif file formats. Please keep the "k" value small.

If you send images attached to list messages:

All images attached to your list messages are automatically stripped and will not be delivered with your message.

ITECI images

In the past our carved images for display were sent to the ITECI website, however Linda is no longer adding or updating images to the ITECI website. Those past images can be viewed at:


Carvonia-Myrth images:

The Carvonia-Myrth Website:

To view individual members art:


View Members Past Swaps:

Past Swaps

Eboard's - another great image solution!


Preparing your image for a website: How to minimize the size of images.



Your comments are always welcome: