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ArtLex Art Dictionary:

Negative Space or Image: When your carved design receives no ink; but the surrounding area or background is the surface that receives ink and prints. In printing terms this may also be called a black reverse. Also called White on Black Background

Positive Space: Black on White Background

Reverse Image: The image prints in a "mirror" reverse of the image on your carving. This may or may not be done intentionally.

Intaglio: To carve in as in engraving. Cut to produce a design in relief.

ISO: In Search Of

Relief: The projection of figures or forms from a flat surface; as in raised.

To Pull a Print: inking and running a single print either by hand or using a press.

Suite: a series of related prints by theme or subject matter. For example, you might have a suite of "tree" prints.

Edition: a numbered group of a single print. Usually denotes a limited edition and adds to the value of each single print. 8/20 would translate to mean the 8th print of 20 in that edition.

Blind Embossment: in lineoleum block printing when you soak and blot a sheet of printmaking paper and run the paper and UNINKED block throug a press you get a blind embossment.

Baren: A tool for rubbing paper placed on a block print to transfer ink to the paper.

Reproduction Print (possibly reduction print) - A printing technique where the lightest color is printed, then the block carved away and the next color overprinted, etc.

Register Points or Marks: marks used to line up successive prints in multiple block printing. Often part of the design or border.

Key block: a multiple block printing, the block for the darkest color usually black, usually printed last.

Lino: flooring material which is carved, and other techniques used, to produce the tool to imprint your image. This material is harder and uses different tools.


Words of Humor:

Misautoglyphia - dislike of one's own carvings.

Pilaglphia - love of carvings

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SAHM: Stay at Home Mom



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